Mr. Loren Parks has donated his portion of the Nedonna Marsh to the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum.  Friends of Nedonna Marsh (FNM) has been working with Gary Albright, director of the museum, over several months to develop a plan for acquiring the Parks donation and assuring its preservation.  FNM will continue to work with him and others to develop a long-term stewardship strategy. This achievement is the result of the dedication of a number of people. Going forward, the future of the Marsh will depend on the generosity and commitment of its many friends. 


This donation preserves for public access this special part of Oregon adjacent to the Nehalem Bay south jetty.  It's an intact remnant representative of the Coast before widespread development.  Within this area is a saltwater marsh, a spruce and willow wetland, and a dune area with many native plants.  Coyotes, river otters, deer, and other wildlife make this area home, and migratory birds use it to rest and refuel. Two salmon-bearing creeks, Jetty and McMillan, flow through the estuary into Nehalem Bay.